Happy 4th of July

Hey Ladies,

I wanted to let you know, that my web hosting subscription ends July 27th and I really can’t afford to renew it. I started this whole online adventure like 15 years ago when I was going to college for web design. I started one website for fitness. Then eventually I started another one for my business when I was a part of a MLM. Then this idea came to me and launched this site.

They all shared the same hosting. I even hosted family and friends on my hosting platform. No one really paid for anything but their domain name, and over time the price as gone from like $99 a year to $179 a year and it’s no longer a write off so I have to let it go. Money 💴 does not grow on trees 🌳 as my momma always told me.

If your look for a fix I suggest you bookmark my profile on Reddit. It’s free and anonymous. Make a profile on Reddit and start following my Profile. They have direct messaging and you can make public comments just like you do now.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Just short of one month out

I can’t complain too much. My doctor made she she told me bode surgery: they are sisters, not twins lol so don’t expect them to look identical.

Can’t wait to finish healing!

Post Op

Well Ladies,

This is a first shot post implant removal.

I’m feeling good and my sex drive is really starting to return! Yea!!! I just wanted to post quick and let you know I’m ok and surgery went well. I’m about a C cup right now with the swelling, I may end up a small C or a B but my nipples are good and intact and that is all that really matters, right?

Day 8

Your wish…

Hubby saw your comments and took a picture today for you when we had some afternoon delight 😉

Is this what you wanted to see??

Sun tanning

I took some Raimer and laid out in the sun today at lunch. It was nice ☺️

Have a great day ladies