Afternoon Ladies!

What are all of you doing to fill your quarantine time? Lots of sex?? Lol I’ve read some pretty good stories on Reddit where people are booking up with roommates and having all kinds of interesting sex in this time of isolation 😉

We have been keeping to ourselves. Thankfully I work from home and hubby is an essential worker. I have to take three unpaid weeks off and my raise as been kicked out until January and even then it might only be half of what it normally is… BUT I still have a job and for that I’m grateful 🥰

This past Sunday it was warm enough to start our weekly hanging out in the pool activities. Hubby grabbed a picture for you ladies. Let me know if you like this 😉 oh, also I chopped all my hair off again lol don’t know if that was obvious before 🧑🏻‍🦰

Suns out – tits out… that don’t rhyme 😷

Stay safe

Hey Ladies! I hope you are staying safe! Not sure where you all are and if your area is under Stay at Home orders, we were just added to that group yesterday.

But, given my health status we have tried to keep me home anyway. Hubby works at a grocery store, so he just brings things home as needed. Sadly we still can’t get our hands on TP! We have some cheap shit and it hurts if you have to go too much lol

I spent some time in the sun over the weekend and took a picture to share with you all. Stay Safe!!! Play at home 😉

OH! And Surgery WAS scheduled for today. But due to all the fun it’s been moved out to May. Cross your fingers for me!

Fun Day Monday

Well Ladies hubby took this sexy pic for you tonight before we had some amazing sex – as always🤣

Hope you enjoy!

As promised

Here is a lazy morning pic, I thought it was pretty sexy! I’ve lost about 8 more pounds since then so I’m feeling pretty good.

Surgery is scheduled for April 2nd. That’s bye bye boobs day. Lol. Na. I had boobs before I got implants they were just not that big or perky. I’m having a lift with explant so I’m hoping they are at least cute!

Enjoy ladies 😉

Tiny titties

Do you ladies like all titties? Or just big ones?

I myself think the nipple makes the tit!

I’m keeping my nipples and having them moved up a bit higher and removing my implants in May.

I’m looking forward to healing and regaining my health. Then after some time – maybe a year or so, I’ll go back and get a fat transfer to fill them back out a bit, but right now my focus is my health!

Will you still want to see my tiny titties??