It’s business

Hello Ladies!

I want you to make sure you take note of my Reddit user name. If this site disappears suddenly I want you to be able to follow me on another media site.

I have listed this site for sale. The potential this web address has for a tidy profit is looking pretty good, and I’ve mentioned before my desire to make money from this site, I guess that may be by selling it.

Maybe no one wants it. Maybe I have it until May ownership expires in 2021 who knows. But I wanted to mention it in case it sold like overnight.

Tell me what you think of this little gif.

Suck it

Ladies! How have you been?

I posted a similar picture to this on Reddit this past week and I’m getting so many offers from dudes that want to suck it, I just tell them id rather have a lady as my husband already does a great job.

We have been talking more about adding another male or female or couple into our sex adventures but I’m so scared of fucking up my amazing marriage! As long as we always have this I’ll be happy. I think – I truly think I could do it and not get weird. But I want a guarantee! Lol

Did I give you my KIK name? Oh no I said send a comment with contact info and I would share it that way.

I just had a cute couple start a chat on KIK this morning. She’s cute – he’s ok, I’m more interested in her. Seriously if I end up fucking another guy, just ok is fine because it’s just sex, not a life long relationship. Does that make sense?

It makes sense to me. Lol as for the ladies, there needs to be a certain level of attraction- I guess there does with the guy to, cuz who wants someone that repulses them to fuck them or suck their cock? No thanks.

There are my thoughts for today. Have a great one! I need to get back to it!!