Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

Hi Sexy Ladies!!!

Sorry I’ve been MIA! I read all your comments and reply, I’ve just not had the brain capacity to type anything out.

This term in school is kicking my ass. The night job is ramping up and I have 5 shifts this week on top of day job and class work. Whew! I’ll be glad when Christmas season is over lol

Well, we had a couple that we were talking to and it look promising as far as being able to hook up, but they ghosted us. Not sure what they found as a miss match. But we’ll just move on and keep seeing what’s out there.

Diet is going great! I have lost 13 pounds. I’m one pound away from getting down to where I was in July 🤪😳🙄 I can’t believe I gained all the 10 I lost and 4 more from July to October

We have my MIL here until the 7th and then our daughter and her husband from the 7th to the 20th. My sister and grandson from the 12-16. So a full busy house for the next 4 weeks. Not a lot of naught picture taking time available.

Until I can get you something new: here is a new tit pic 😉

12 Replies to “Happy Thanksgiving 🦃”

  1. Fuck Newbi you must have some pull with our Ronni thank you! Thank you for tit pic Ronni and happy thanksgiving to you all! With all your company it’s fun to sneak sex and be bad . We actually have fun and plan crazy sexy shit while having guests. Hubby dares me to wear sexy tops that show nipples and draw stares from especially the women it seems and guys love. We enjoy stirring things up Ronni we your girls and seems guys want you to go all in as Newbi mentioned I think. Quick fucking hot tit pics so lusty and I have to think you would enjoy doing more and more. U are hot and horney and you know it . Hubby asked thinks she likes to grab her tits? I said ask her

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  8. Ronni I am trying so to get my hand in my pussy like u can thinking perhaps asking gf to assist I really want to try my ass I want both

    1. That would be fun to have help 😊
      I used to just practice in the bathtub until I managed to work it in. I still need to get more flexible to do it better 😉

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