January 10, 2020

Funny story… as we were approaching the new year, I got to thinking about the fact that it has been 20 years since Y2K and people freaking out about the digital world coming to an end because computers didn’t know about any year after 1999! Oh No!!!

So anyway, December 31, 1999 my husband had to work an overnight shift because staff was due in around 1am but the rest of the staff was leaving before midnight. So what’s new? He got stuck working. We spent New Year’s Eve with my mom and dad so the kids could be with their cousins. Just before midnight I left the kids at my parents and met hubby at work. We brought the new year in as was deserving!

Some day I’ll share the details of how and where hahaha I reminded him of that and we both can’t believe it’s been that long ago.

OK so I’m really here to tell you I had my mammogram this week and all is fine with the girls as far as my health goes. There is still “something” going on with the left one that is causing discomfort and tightness. I have an appointment with the plastic surgeon on Monday to discuss the topic and see what my options are. If I have to have surgery to fix the issue I will be getting fuller implants. That’s all I got to say on that. Lol

I hate my side boob. They look old and saggy. Here are a few pictures of side boob o do like and will be taking with me on Monday.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!!!

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