New top

Sort of new. Hubby bought it for me when we moved here. But as you all know after we moved here I started gaining weight, so I had never worn it; until Yesterday 😉

We spent a nice evening in the hot tub and then finally turned the heat off. It costs a lot to run it all the time. Guests return February 8-14…I’ll turn it back on a couple days before they get here 😘

4 Replies to “New top”

  1. Can u say hot hot hot 🥵 perfect fit on perfect tits with big nipples! Luscious pic thanks ronni u had to have turned lots of heads maybe some looks of lust and my hubby says made lots of cocks hard he wants me to get one

  2. Ronni yr such a sexy blast that the whole world needs i would love to explore and explain that comment ur so fucking hot if u or your girls care to hear and perhaps join the conversation then I will. New top! Nipples hard when you visited hubby at work? Looks a little see through maybe! U make my day and panties drip literally. I have a butt plug in at work occasionally cuz of you I so got myself off with new top pic thanks Ronni

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