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  1. Love the story Ronni you ready for it? Would you be fine if your partner took hubby’s cock and sucks him while he watches you and your drenched body quiver

    1. Yes! We’ve already discussed that!
      In fact we’ve talked about him getting sucked by her and my sucking her guy after we girls finish with each other ya, know 🤤😉
      2020 is my year!

  2. Fuck ur ready for it u swallow? My hubby says he would rather me fuck her man than suck his cock to each their own I prefer to do both honestly u know what cums next right

  3. Your girls 4 sure myself and mgf beside me trying not to put her fingers in my pussy or both r happy as it sounds like you have found the perfect woman man or both to fully fulfill your dreams and hubbies also serious shit butt can work sometimes thx ronni plz take pics and care

  4. Ronni ore who ever you are LOL you have the hottest sexiest place for any thing goes it seems you and your hubby boil the water in your pool often I assume? We wood burn wood and boil water every chance we get with that sex palace you appear to have. All realistic I wonder I am beginning to assume not

    1. Oddly enough the one thing that angers me more than anything is you all thinking I’m some kind of fraud!

      This is my house. This is my life. Are you all maybe just jealous??

      We were in the hot tub again tonight 😉

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