Take a seat

Hey ladies!!!

Still have a house full of visitors so my sexy time is severely limited to quiet nights in bed, not pool fun or daytime play where I can take pictures lol

I wanted to share a link I came across when I was scrolling porn on a potty break 🤣

Anyone want to be my chair?


14 Replies to “Take a seat”

  1. Plz Ronni 4 like a whole evening I want u to cum and squirt all over my face and rub your hot juices all over my tits for starters then it’s my turn ok? Fuck your so hot Ronni trying to keep this from my hubby for now

  2. WTF Ronni? Quick question about your day u have been keeping us lusting for U! Hubby is telling me to stop I told him to STFU! U r are best fun and love your body your clit is so big and I wanna have my way with it and U I have very hot ideas wax your clit lately Ronni!

    1. Funny you ask! I just went to a new salon yesterday and got a Brazilian wax! All clean – front to back!!!
      Mmmm hubby and I had a great time last night.

  3. Take a seat ladies and gents y’all entertain us at a level of I feel bad almost sorry for you and cumin clean myself and my hubby who only gets a taste of this site. Who ever Ronni is whoa my dream person. Happy holidays from a newbi. Lmfao!

  4. Howdy ladies and perhaps it seems some gents not that I feel like sorry but like envious of y’all but sorry for all of us sexy older women who have kept it from ourselves and not made the big move to pussy rather than cock or both for me and my fantasy I have red ribbons to tie on my nipples for my cowboy tonight Ronni your nipples are big and perfect for ribbons Please

    1. Well, I understand the feelings of why did we wait so long… but I also think some of it comes with age and out ability to let go of the judgement of the world and this is a new world we are living in. Sexuality is no longer black and white. It’s a spectrum and we all fall someone that spectrum and a lot less people care to keep us in little boxes of what sex has to look like!!
      I myself can not wait for 2020 and what it may bring for ALL of us!!!
      Merry Christmas!!

  5. Gosh Ronni you should be a writer though I guess you are it seems thanks to you 2020 maybe the year for real desire and sexual fantasies become really real for some of us I want and need to eat lick and suck my gfs tits and pussy. We are heading that direction but even touching each other’s tits and I put my cum on her nipples which she immediately gushed there’s this line I suppose we both want it need it and it’s fucking slowly happening we talk openly so what do we really need the hubby for and their so selfish need I love his big throbbing cock and need it in my ass occasionally big decisions for all of us who honestly want and crave wet dripping pussy

  6. So yes Ronni I want to be your chair as well as seems all the gfs you ain’t getting off till you are mush and I am done with your big clit and I am certainly going to tongue your ass ready Ronni

  7. WTF Ronni!? Gf and I are worried about this situation and site not adding up in our conversations and with others u hopefully know our concerns we are feeling like fucking fools and u can’t blame us we are saying bi for now u extremely hot horny person with lots to say and honestly all wanna be ur seat for starters hubby’s cock must be huge and sufficient for u

  8. I love y’all and stories love Ronni who ever she they may bi. I sucked gf hubby’s cock at camp fire while gf got herself off for my hubby. They haven’t a fucking clue all planned.

    1. Nice! Hubby and I laid in bed this AM talking about a couple we know and how we could have a hell of a time if we could just move from our fear to daring behavior

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